Like you, we are committed to true emotion

Intimate Wedding and Elopement


You spend months refining all the details that will make your wedding day memorable. You imagine spending time with your family, your friends and of course your sweet half. But there is someone with whom you will spend more time than anyone else that day: us, your photographers.  


That’s why it’s as important to love our personality as our portfolio. We meet every bride and groom interested in our services in person or by videoconference so we can get to know each other before making your choice. It’s important to find photographers who will put you at ease and bring out your personality on the wedding day.  


A crush between you and us is the basis of our relationship of trust!  


With trust comes connection. And it is this faculty that we have to connect with you that will allow us to capture intimate moments throughout your marriage because you allow us to access them.  Unlike other suppliers, we are artists who create in the movement and in the moment. No matter how much you spend on flowers, food or fabulous reception chairs, the only thing you will keep are your photos. The only thing that will allow you to relive these moments are the images that we have captured.  


Only one photographer can be in two places at once. With Dyade photo, we realize this feat! But it’s more than that! We each take a fresh look at your day. We capture moments, reactions and emotions with a different perspective.

Dyade photo is based in Rimouski and travels everywhere in Quebec and beyond.

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